Orbital Engenharia is a Brazilian company active in the space sector founded in 2001 to be a company of excellence in the development of technologies for defense and space applications. It has the following important certifications: BMoD Strategic Defense Company and Quality Management System, in accordance with the SAE AS 9100 standard. Orbital Engenharia’s portfolio is rich in advanced systems. Orbital provides solar generators for nano, micro and mini satellites, and ground systems for generator testing. Orbital provides a complex payload system for carrying out experiments in microgravity environment, called the Suborbital Microgravity Platform. The company supplies several avionics for suborbital rockets and develops and manufactures customized satellite service modules to receive the payload from customers. Technical skills were developed through extensive research and development programs. Orbital has developed several projects in partnership such as a liquid propellant rocket engine, a pressurized feeding system for rocket engines, and electronic equipment for the suborbital rocket.